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IT doesn't have to cost the earth
Welcome to Helix IT Services
At Helix IT we care about making IT cheaper, greener and less of a burden to businesses. The modern misconception about IT solutions is that the more expensive and the more staff needed, then the more impressive they are - this has never been more wrong. IT technology doesn't have to be expensive, having staff is an unnecessary expense and wasting money is not impressive!

At Helix IT we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers get the right solution for their budget. The advent of technologies like Virtual Servers and Software as a Service (SaaS) means that all companies no matter their size can now benefit from IT Infrastructures that historically would only be available to the blue chip corporate world.

We have the experience and the knowledge to cut your costs, save you time, and deliver a service beyond your expectations!
Modern Thinking
Modern Thinking
Move away from the old ways of thinking and consider some of the latest technologies. When you next review your options, your business could see some major financial and even environmental benefits.

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